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Department of Education - Learners First
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KA– Miss Walkinshaw
KB - Miss Campbell
P-1A – Mrs Millen
P-1B - Miss Lockwood
P-1C – Mrs Baker & Mrs Peachey
1-2A – Mrs Dunn
1-2B – Mrs Cameron
2A – Miss Stagoll
3A - Miss Wells
3-4A – Miss Johnstone
4A – Mr McCarragher
4-5A - Miss Shephard & Mrs Peachey
5-6A – Mr Sutton
5-6B – Miss Bodell
5-6C – Mrs Frerk & Mrs Bent

Assistant Principal – Mrs Dean
AST – Miss Rainbow
AST - Mrs Frerk
AST - Miss Waldron
AST – Miss Campbell

Music – Mr Tabe & Mrs Allen
HPE – Mr Augostin
Flying Start – Miss Rainbow

Launching into Learning - Miss Walkinshaw